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Back when my children were in middle school, I had a lot of fun helping them with their science projects. My enjoyment of looking through the microscope led to a personal passion to make a contribution to science.
Writing in science project notebook
One of my daughters writing in her science project notebook
Thus began my own scientific study: a population survey of the little known creature (at the time), the tardigrade.
It all started when I hosted a video for Vice Media which went viral and thus popularized the tardigrade as the “The First Animal to Survive in Space.”

The Video

I became known as Mike Shaw, The Space Bear Hunter. With 10 million views, the “tardigrade” became the Number 1 search word on Google.

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I also starred in the PBS video on YouTube, “Songs For Unusual Creatures,” and I’ve appeared on the most popular television show in Brazil, talking about tardigrades. Links to these videos at the bottom of this page.
You’ve probably noticed that I’ve written several books to assist teachers and their young scientists in similar projects.

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The New York Times interviewed me in their Science Section when the American Museum of Natural History opened their tardigrade exhibit. Read the interview here.

Tardigrade models at the entrance of the 2015  Life at the Limits exhibition at the American Museum of Natural history Photo ©AMNH/R.Mickens


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Mike’s NJ TARDIGRADE SURVEY in pictures

Tardigrade, Milnesium Species
Tardigrade, Milnesium Species, from my population survey, covering the state of New Jersey. Survey and publication of a scientific paper took about 10 years from start to finish.

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This is the 2019 USA winning photo of the Olympus Image of the Year Award. Tardigrade in fluorescent imaging.
This is the 2019 USA winning photo of the Olympus Image of the Year Award

The winning image was taken by Tagide deCarvalho (U.S.A.). The beautiful fluorescence image above shows the inside of a tardigrade with colorful details.

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