Kids & Teachers Tardigrade Science Project Book inspires action, turning students into budding scientists. Students and teachers alike are offered simple techniques allowing them to find real tardigrades in their own back yards and prepare winning science fair projects.

Kids & Teachers Tardigrade Quiz & Fact Book gives you all you need to know about tardigrades in one place. The quiz style of this book makes learning fun because Q&A coupled with the incredible pictures helps you remember the answers.

Your Microscope Hobby is all about making Rheinberg filters which allow you to add brilliant contrasting colors to your microscope viewing and photography in a very inexpensive way. Also covered topics include polarization and oblique filter making, as well as other microscope projects.

Rheinberg Filters Starter Manual is very inexpensive way to get started making these colored filters. Most microscopic specimens are clear, and you need to add contrast somehow. This 39 page E-book with instructional photos teaches you the Rheinberg method using tools and materials easily obtained at your local office supply store.

How to Build an Outdoor Cat Shelter
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How To Make an Outdoor Cat Shelter This 12 page E-booklet shows you step-by-step exactly how to create a shelter to protect our helpless animal friends in need from the elements. This book is a great reference to have handy if you want to make the same shelter you’ll see me make in this video.

How to Make a Plant Press
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How To Make a Plant Press You can use a leaf press, or plant press for all sorts of projects, including crafts projects where you need to press things flat. This 12 page E-booklet is a great starting point for collecting, science fair projects, and for scrapbooking as well. This step-by-step book goes along with my video below. Wondering what to give a child for a special gift? A plant press is something which can be used and treasured for a lifetime.

Check out my How To Find Tardigrades AUDIO BOOK

How To Find Tardigrades AUDIO