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That single James Murray plate you just downloaded was just the beginning. I discovered even more plates – equally as amazing…

Murray was an early tardigrade scientist. And he published two Little Known Papers. I’ve extracted and reconstructed them as eBooks for your personal Enjoyment!

But maybe You’ve Never Heard of The Scottish Explorer James Murray Can I Share a Story?

James Murray was not only a famous tardigrade hunter, he was a famous explorer… AND he was educated as both a Scientist and an Artist That’s why his drawings are so good!

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Dr James Murray was a biologist and explorer. He was born in Glasgow in 1865 and died in 1914.
He studied Zoology at Glasgow University and took art classes at Glasgow School of Art.  This explains the high quality of his drawings of tardigrades.

Long before there were microscope cameras or a microscope app for iphones, one had to make drawings of micro-organisms like bacteria or parts of the tardigrade. Murray was very careful about noting the size of a tardigrade as well, which you can see in his Plate III from the Scottish Lochs.
  In 1902, he participated in a biological survey of Scottish freshwater lochs.  He contributed to tardigrade science by describing 66 species of tardigrade. You’ll see this book below!

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE) and was awarded the Society’s Neil Prize for the period 1909-11.
In 1907, at the age of 41, he served under Ernest Shackleton on the British Antarctic Expedition, and later co-wrote a book about the expedition, titled Antarctic Days. You will see this book below!

Dr James Murray
Dr James Murray

James Murray shown here in Antarctica holding a baby Adelie penguin In 1911, aged 46, he joined with the explorer Percy Fawcett, Henry Costin and Henry Manley to explore and chart the jungle in the region of the Peru-Bolivian border. Murray, unused to the rigors of the tropical regions, fared poorly. Eventually, Fawcett diverted the expedition to get Murray out, such was his condition. Murray disappeared, having been recovering in a house in Tambopata. He reached La Paz in 1912, learning that he was thought to have died.
Murray was angry at what he thought was mistreatment by Fawcett. He wanted to sue Fawcett, however friends at the Royal Geographical Society advised him against it.
If you watch the 2017 movie The Lost City of Z, you’ll actually get to see this adventure, and meet Mr. James Murray – forty-six minutes into the film.  Time Magazine listed it as one of the top ten films of 2017. Although the film does not show James Murray in a favorable light, he’s infamously portrayed as a scoundrel, the events and chronology are fairly accurate.  I highly recommend this movie!

In June 1913, he joined a Canadian scientific expedition to the Arctic as oceanographer. The ship called the Karluk became trapped in the Arctic ice. Murray and three others, dissatisfied with Captain Robert Bartlett’s leadership, decided to try to reach safety on their own.
They departed across the ice on February 5th to try to reach Wrangel Island or Herald Island. They were last seen experiencing major difficulties a few days later by three people returning from another mission, but they refused to return to the ship. The only subsequent hint of their fate was a sailor’s scarf later found buried in an ice floe.
Murray and his three companions are presumed to have died in the Arctic in February 1914.

Don’t you want to know more about James Murray?

That’s why I’m going to offer you his FOUR plates from Antarctica – the South Orkneys collection!

Just take a look at Plate IV from South Orkneys…

Some James Murray Quotes from His Works
“No Tardigrade is known to swim–they have no place in the pelagic region of the lakes–nor are any of them truly abyssal, though, like so many other animals in Scottish lochs, they may extend to considerable depths, and several species have been obtained at depth of about 300 ft in the Loch Ness. The observations of the Lake Survey upon Tardigrades have been chiefly made in Loch Ness and Loch Morar. A few collections were made in Loch Treig and one or two other lochs, and an examination of these confirms the belief that some of these water-bears are characteristic of lake margins.”

“While engaged in investigating the Tardigrada of the Scottish Lochs I was desirous of comparing our Tardigrade Fauna with that of other parts of the world, and it occurred to me that the then recently returned Scottish Antarctic Expedition might furnish some suitable material. On applying to Mr. R. N. Rudmose Brown in the absence of Mr. Bruce, I was courteously supplied with various samples of moss which I judged likely to contain Tardigrada. On examining this Moss it was found that Tardigrada that were indeed numerous in it, and although not in very great variety, some of the forms were of considerable interest.”

“We offer you these pen and pencil sketches of our experiences on a Polar expedition. They are as true as we can make them, as little colored by imagination as is compatible with human limitations, and the obscuring of memories after four or five years. We hope they will help towards giving a true picture of expedition life as it really is, or that they will at least amuse. We tell some yarns against the other fellows as well as against ourselves. They are all told in good humour, and it is hoped that nobody’s feelings will be hurt. The Antarctic life is not calculated to foster too great a sensitiveness in the matter of stories told against you.”

Presenting my Dr. JAMES MURRAY, FRSE

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Two Important Works by James Murray Restored as eBooks

From the archives of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
, I’ve curated these two wonderful papers on tardigrades. They read so beautifully that I’m contracting with a Scottish actor to turn them into an audio book.

You’ll get to read first hand how a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh finds and describes water bears. Many of the related papers written thereafter cite Murray, and for good reason. His illustrations are still some of the best in the literature for identifying tardigrade species.
And as a separate file, you get all 4 of the South Orkneys plates!
I’m including this with the eBooks and these restored plates come with reproduced illustration key. This makes reading and understanding the plates super easy!

A World of Wonders by Mary Ward

Instant eBook Download

Mary Ward was a talented artist and woman ahead of her time. Although she lacked formal scientific training, she studied entomology, astronomy and microscopy, writing popular works on all these topics. Ward was  among the earliest women to be published in these fields. The book names her ‘The Hon. Mrs Ward ’ because at the time, it was difficult for a woman to find a publisher. Perhaps this was a way for Mary Ward to have some credibility as an author.

Not allowed membership in scientific societies, Mary Ward did, however  receive their mailings, and the members, great scientists of the time, used her illustrations.
Mary Ward’s observations were made using the microscope bought for her by her father when she was 18, and she offers us an illustration of it in Plate 1 of her book. All of the  plates in this book were produced from Ward’s amazing drawings, showing her skill as both scientist and artist. Her work became popular enough to produce multiple editions.

The Micrographic Dictionary
-RARE COPY Can Now Be Yours NOW as an eBook

  • A FIRST IN MICROSCOPY TEXTS there was little of substance published to actually help microscopists identify what they saw under the microscope. Prior works often dealt with how the microscope is constructed and how it works. Nothing was as comprehensive as this book.
  • ​​THIS IS A DICTIONARY of 840 pages of the science of microscopy, covering not only drawings and scholarly descriptions of micro-organisms, but everything from angular aperture to tea and teeth.
  • MAYNARD METCALF’S COPY Your copy will have Metcalf’s personal bookplate, his actual signature, and the stamp from the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory.

BESIDES THIS BEING AN INCREDIBLE RESOURCE IN ITSELF – what makes this copy really special is the person who owned it. This is the personal copy that belonged to Maynard M Metcalf. He was none other than the expert witness called by Clarence Darrow at the famous Scopes vs. Tennessee trial contesting the law forbidding the teaching of evolution in schools. Metcalf was a zoologist at Johns Hopkins University at the time.

TAKE A LOOK BELOW AT THE FLYLEAF IN THE BOOK! There is Metcalf’s personal bookplate, his actual signature, and the stamp from the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory where he served as trustee from 1896 to 1932.

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Bonus #1 Antarctic Days, by James Murray and George Marston – Introduction by Sir Ernest Shackleton

This is a rare and highly collectable book. Copies in the original limited edition sell at auction in the thousands of pounds. Reproductions are available and even these are quite pricey. 

You are getting this eBook for FREE, the entire text, in the original typeset format, yellowish tinted pages and all! (I just finished reading this enjoyable book )

Here’s what Shackleton says of the two authors in his introduction:
“It is a curious thing that one of the authors is a scientific man and is capable of counting the minute hairs on the leg of a spider and yet with equal facility can see the broad lines of life. The other is not a scientific man, but, as an artist, depicts what he sees with the same faithfulness as the man who glues his eye to the microscope.

Bonus #2 How to Make a Plant Press eBook & Video

This eBook and the accompanying step-by-step video teaches you and your kids or grandkids how to build an essential tool for studying nature.  Learn how to easily press and make dried flowers, collect beautiful fall colored leaves, or even make greeting cards! Keep in mind, leaf pressings are essential when you want to describe the environment. Tree identification often becomes a key part of a science project and taking leaf samples is critical to help identify trees. This book gives you and young scientists a practical utility tool you can use for many years.

Plant Press
Plant Press

Bonus #3  Actually Two in One

How To Find Tardigrades
How To Find Tardigrades

How to Find Tardigrades eBook & Video

This eBook and the accompanying step-by-step video, you learn how to observe and photograph tardigrades.

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