30 Years – It’s Official

‘Water bear’ brought back to life 30 years after freezing in Antarctica in world first

A ‘water bear’ has been brought back to life in a breakthrough experiment by scientists which is believed to be the first ever successful revival after 30 years

By Kurt Robson

  • 12:07, 17 JUN 2021


A 'water bear' can withstand blistering radiation and extreme temperatures
A ‘water bear’ can withstand blistering radiation and extreme temperatures (Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF)

Japanese scientists at the National Institute of Polar Research have successfully brought a frozen animal back to life.

Scientists at Japan’s National Institute of Polar Research successfully revived a ‘Tardigrade’ which they collected from Antarctica.

The Tardigrade had been frozen for 30 years.

Tardigrades, more widely known as ‘water bears’ are tiny creatures, usually around 0.5mm in length.

A tardigrade can go years without food or water and can endure extreme radiation and temperatures.

The creatures feed on plant cells and algae.

The longest revival of a tardigrade was previously nine years, this breakthrough is the first-ever successful revival after 30 years.

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