Book Review – Guide to Microlife

Guide to Microlife
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This is an atlas of most common microlife, crammed with as many species as possible. The photos are fairly good and do represent what they should. The drawings are good, and plentiful. All in all, you need this book, as everything is classified so well, and easy to find in the sections Microfungi, Protists, Monerans, and Microanimals. What is best bout the book is the extensive treatment of habitat, and you quickly see what an integral part this plays in identification. It’s super useful to aid you in finding a microorganism as well. If you’re looking for a hydra, you know where to go–now go out there and get some Lemna. You are more likely to find amoeba in the muddy bottom than on the surface, but you wouldn’t know that unless you look it up in this book. I would like to have seen about a hundred more pictures, but you can’t have everything. It is a great reference that I keep right next to the microscope, as you can constantly refer to it in a viewing a small sample of pond water. You have to get to know your way around the book though. There is a section on the back about collecting microlife, which is very basic. Very practical, I wish it were about three times as thick.

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