Book Review – The Microscope Book

The Microscope Book
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This is a book which could also be considered course, consisting of roughly 40 chapters- each which is a complete lesson. For its size (only 80 pages including glossary and index), it is comprehensive of all aspects of microscopy- on the elementary to middle school level. It is well written and illustrated, with clear cut directions and explanations. This is the ideal book to accompany any student’s first microscope. From making your own stage micrometer to hair, fiber and fingerprint identification, this book sets up an inspirational career path for any budding forensic scientist or microbiologist. While Usborne’s World of the Microscope is a comprehensive hodge podge of do it yourself and informational text, this is the elementary to middle school version, organized into neat chapters and sections. If a teacher wanted to spend a few weeks on the microscope, this would be the perfect book to use when picking and choosing subjects of interest geared to a particular group of students.

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