Book Review – Using the Microscope

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The author, Eric Grave, focuses on all of the basics in part one, and in part two selectively deals with some special subjects. The book is thorough and well written, and a good basic text which includes history as well. There a typo on page 9 where the author says a millimicron equals a thousand microns, but he meant one thousandth of a micron. The author covers Paramecium quite extensively, which makes this a good reference when observing this microorganism. He transitions into a long five page section about the Venus Flytrap, having previously explained Hydra and Bladderwort, but he seems to have drifted too far from the subject, although the text is certainly interesting. The book has a glossary, references, and resources, and is really quite a good reference to have on hand. It is out of print, so you will have to search for a used copy. I did some some used ones on Amazon. I have the Dover reprint published in 1991.

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