Downy Mildew

Downy Mildew Harms Sunflowers, Grapes, Onions, Garlic and other crops!

Downy Mildew is a plant fungus that harms, grapes, onions, garlic, sunflower, and other crops. Learn more about this on the National Sunflower Association Website.

How did I get it? I was sent a sample from scientists in South Dakota who were doing research on sunflower crop protection.

Downy Mildew DF 70x
Downy Mildew Darkfield Illumination at 70x magnification
Downy Mildew Phase Contrast 140x
Downy Mildew Phase Contrast 140x magnification
Downy Mildew Stained 250x
Downy Mildew Stained 250x magnification

Spores and Hyphae Stained with Gentian Violet. Dried and mounted in Cytoseal 60. Photo using 10x WF and 25x Zeiss Achromat plus 1.2x magnification changer. Brightfield Technique. Enhanced with Combine Z. Photo Taken Feb 27 2005

Penn State has a nice article on Downy Mildew with lots of cool pictures – here.

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