Irwin Loop

Do you know what an Irwin Loop is? It’s a 1 mm (or less) size loop of wire that allows you to transfer a specimen from a petri dish to a slide (or slide to slide, etc. Invented by Merle E. Brooks in the mid-1940s, this has become a standard tool for microscopists.*
*(Schram and Davison, 2012)

Unfortunately, these are VERY hard to find, mainly because of the delicate precision needed to make them. If you are reading this, though, you are in luck!

Be sure to check out my podcast interview with the maker of these special tools!

You can buy these on Etsy – they’re hand made by Byra Norman, and they are the real deal. I get no commission, I’m just sharing this in case you need one of these. I took a picture of mine under the microscope so you can see it here:

Irwin Loop
Irwin Loop

Well, are you ready for me to reveal my super secret Irwin Loop connection? Below is the link, Just click on the picture or caption.
The Etsy Shop name is: NicodemusGoods

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