Strange Tardigrade Crop Circles

Does this prove that tardigrades came from space?

In the Midwest, corn mazes are popular in the Fall. Each year, Angie Treinen and her husband come up with a unique idea for create a giant corn maze on their farm.

This year, they’ve chosen to create a giant tardigrade. No, this isn’t some tardigrade from space mother ship beaming images down to earth.

Tardigrade Corn Maze
Tardigrade Corn Maze

Treinen not only studied zoology, but for a time was a veterinarian. But she had never encountered tardigrades in her scientific career–not until she went to a family friendly science event at the University of Wisconsin. It was there that she had her “Ahah!” moment and said to herself – this would be her next gigantic work of art – her field of tardigrade dreams – and they would come!

After all, she loved the cuteness of the marshmallowy tardigrade, and so she created her 15 acre corn maze, and they did come. The maze is open until November 8th, 2020, so if you are in the midwest, and you are reading this- you must go.

Read Jessica Leigh Hester’s article about the Angie Treinen and the farm here:

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